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I'm eager for you to meet the characters in my upcoming historical fiction series and journey with them through authentic settings across 17th century England, Scotland, and Ireland. Feel free to scroll down to learn more about my background, family, past endeavors, and writing ministry.
                       Julie Costakis
My motivation for writing is to inspire hope in this world of ever-changing circumstances, often accompanied by unexpected challenges.
While my blog, non-fiction, and fiction projects are dedicated to providing positive encouragement, the upcoming Christian historical fiction novels have the added bonus of allowing the reader to "travel" to another time and place. One filled with moments of pleasure, suspense, historical intrigue, and thought-provoking revelation. When the world becomes free of this present virus, you can then travel to the authentic settings and castles where these historical figures lived, engaged with one another, and impacted history.
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Writer, Christ Follower, Wife, Mother, Friend, Avid Reader & Logophile

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At the age of five, I discovered the pleasure of reading books at the old  Carnegie library in my hometown of Carmel, Indiana. Soon, my father lent me his Royal typewriter to create my own stories. During a trip abroad, I was captivated by the beauty and history of England, Scotland, Wales and France. I treasured any opportunity to write during my school years in Carmel, Indiana and Purdue University, where I earned my B.A. in Communication.


Full time employment in marketing gave way to freelance writing and joyous years of engaging with my family, faith community, and  non-profit organizations. Writing endeavors included a blog and feature articles for Midwest Parenting Publications.


Tracing an ancestry thread, I began scribbling fictionally-enhanced tales of an authentic 17th century  British family. Intrigue, romance and faith arise through the political, spiritual and religious dilemmas unfolding in England, Scotland, Ireland and France.  When stepping away from the keyboard, I spend time with my amazing husband, three adult sons, daughter-in-law, two mothers, friends and beloved faith community groups.  


Hopefully the novels will soon be available, as I am eager to discover how the words and messages -- inspired by a power much greater than my humble talent -- impact readers' lives.


I offer heartfelt appreciation to those of you who walked beside me during my cancer journeys, which in turn led to the courage to write the novels!

Oh, how I miss my father! It is through his English heritage these stories came to be, as well as the creativity he and my mother instilled in me so long ago.


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Julie's Bio
Characters Speak . . .
. . . or rather, they will when the historical romance novels are published!

The splendor of being noticed, the satisfaction of being heard, the sanctification of being known, were not within the realm of my understanding."


The Almighty chose to orchestrate a most miraculous set of circumstances to bring us together, so that neither of us would doubt it was His doing! At least, that is what I believe.”

Edward, to Anne

Faith in Jesus Christ guarantees a perfect eternity, not a perfect life on earth. Try as we might to establish this English kingdom as the pinnacle of humanity, it is not. This life, our time on earth, is fleeting and temporary. We will spend eternity either with God and other believers, or separated from God."

Minister, to Lord W

Characters Speak

Tales -- and truths -- of 17th century England are waiting to unfold in the forthcoming novels.


The main characters once lived and breathed in Great Britain; the villages, castles, and sites are real. The religious and military conflicts are authentic. Readers who visit Europe can follow each character's journey and visit every location depicted in these inspirational historic works.

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